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Mussel Meat – IQF (Mytilus Edulis)


Frozen, Blanched




10 x 1 kg

12 x 1 kg


10 x 800 g

10 x 700 g

12 x 800 g

12 x 700 g


20 %

30 %

 COUNT / Kg:

200-300 pieces / kg

300-500 pieces / kg

COUNTS / Pack Size:

10 x 800 g = 100-200 / 200-300 / 300-500

12 x 800 g = 100-200 / 200-300 / 300-500

10 x 700 g = 200-300

12 x 700 g = 200-300

Sourcing, Exporting and Distribution

Breco imports products from all around the globe (and sources locally in our southern oceans) buying range of marine products including Salmon, Herring, Mussels, Shrimps and Prawns amongst numerous others – all of these in varying forms, grades and pack sizes.

99% of product sold is in frozen form.  We arrange processing of marine harvests where necessary and have access to all markets within the Southern African continent.  Outlets range from Spaza shops in the townships to supermarket chains and government departments.  All markets are wither supplied directly or via dedicated wholesalers with whom we have very close ties and who are suitably equipped to service the relevant markets.

Quality Standards and Environmental Policy

All product is sourced, caught and/or processed by vessels and factories which are all compliant with applicable local legislation.  The majority are EU approved from catching all the way through HACCP and SABS approved factories and storage facilities.  All local suppliers are SABS registered and vetted, and all foreign sourced product is tested by the NRCS before we submit it for sale, as is every container, which is issued with a certificate of compliance.